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Azaz Bio update
Basic Information:
Name: Azaziah "Azaz" Zimmerman
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Derse or Prospit?: Prospit
Fetch Modus: Weight modus (has to lift the caphalouged item at its actual weight to take it out)
Strife Specibus: Crosskind, Axekind
Weapon: Beginning: Wooden Cross and Woodcutter's Axe Legendary: Heretic's End (A Giant [Think of the size of an actual Cross in Roman times] Axe shaped like a Cross) 
Game Entry Item: Minitature whale (has to hug to gain entry to game)
Sprite: Color: Sky blue (Prototypes, pre- or post-entry, and final form) Prototypes: Dog's Ashes and Dead Dream Self, Pre-entry: Dogsprite Final Form: Azazsprite
Exile: Isolated Migrant Pre-exile: Was a Prospitan parcel deliverer who always delivered with a smile and a tiny companion. Post-exile: He's wrapped up tattered rags and has a worn out smile on his face.   
Server Player: (pending)
Client Player: EA (belongs to Emma-bean)
Title: Knight of Hope
Active or Passive?: Act
:iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 6
Scratched~ by XtremeGamer719 Scratched~ :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 6 0 Imma crimnal by XtremeGamer719 Imma crimnal :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 3 75 .3. by XtremeGamer719 .3. :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 1 24 ._. by XtremeGamer719 ._. :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 16 My body is (not) ready by XtremeGamer719 My body is (not) ready :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 26 I steal shit- by XtremeGamer719 I steal shit- :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 41
Tuta Bio
Name- Tuta Kibbe
Age- 17
Species- Grackle gal
Appearance- Tuta has messy black hair that reaches down to her lower back and dark brown eyes. She wears a dark purple tanktop and brown pants with a black choker. Her arms are replaced with small, glossy black wings like a female grackle. She is 5' 11" most of her height from her legs, which can be helpful with picking up stuff.
Personality: Tuta is a cheerful and energetic person, always having the time and energy to help Jayden, who is rather reluctant with her assistance, but she is adamant in helping Jayden, so he doesn't attempt to convince otherwise, she is rather clumsy, which makes it rather hard for her to assist Jayden, sometimes causing messes accidentally and hurting herself, which Jayden goes to fix and tend to her wounds. She feels bad whenever she messes something up, but a few assuring words from Jayden instantly changes her back to her cheerful self.
Likes- Helping Jayden, preening
Dislikes- Not feeling useful for Jayden,
:iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 3 0
Zurio Bio
Name- Zurio Alcair
Age- 32
Species- Half-demon/Half-human
Appearance- He is a pale man with gold eyes and silver hair with bangs that reaches the tip of his nose. He wears a white sleeveless jacket with leather belts strapped to it, along with white pants. His jacket is left open showing off his long sleeve dark red shirt. His arms are covered with leather vambraces. He also wears leather boots covering his entire shin with knee guards. On each earlobe is a silver, ring-shaped earring, and near the top of his left ear is another matching earring. When he unleashes his demon side, his right arm turns red and he gains a large red scorpion's tail, his right iris turns into a bright red, like blood red or ruby red.
Personality: Zurio is a highly unstable and maladjusted individual. He frequently bursts into fits of uncontrollable, maniacal laughter and relishes in gruesome thoughts, such as . He also expresses extreme glee when Another one of his eccentricities is sitti
:iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 5 0
Egbert Bio
Name: Egbert Bundar
Age: 18
Appearance: 5' 8", has the body physique of a cross country runner, has smooth gray hair that reaches to the top of his neck, and wears the same outfit of Hilbert but doesn't wear a hat and his jacket is gray, completed with a necklace of a pendant of some kind. He has a face of an observer with green irises in his eyes to study his opponent with, h
Personality: He is friendly and caring to his pokemon and his close friends (which he does not have many), and a neat freak, but he turns into a different person when he's battling, he becomes a calculating man, assessing his opponents and their pokemon, and coming up with multiple strategies for a win, he is reserved and introverted, as well as apathetic.
Pokemon Team: (Will be updated: Bios will be made)
Percival- Lvl 70 Keldeo 
Moves: Secret Sword, Hydro Pump, Sword Dance, and Aqua Jet
Ability: Justified
Bonnie- Lvl 60 Female Bisharp
Moves: Night Slash, Guillotine, Dark Pulse, and
:iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 3 0
Nike Bio
Name: Nike
Species: Victini (Victory Pokemon)
Ability: Victory Star
Date of Birth: January 17
Age: 10 (Remains the same age)
Nature: Rash
Family: Kratos (Landorus(Brother)), Bia (Thundurus(Younger Brother)), Zelus (Tornadus(Younger Brother)), Pallas (Zygrade(Father)), and Styx (Manaphy(Mother))
Friends: Zeus (Luxray(Sworn to(Belongs to :iconSilentK1212:))), and Athena (Noctowl(Belongs to :IconSoratheEspeon:)))
Descrpition: Nike is a shiny Victini who resides in a stadium that is home to Pokemon of many different types, all of which are always fighting each other, who she makes as champion when they are the last one standing, granted with power from Nike herself.
At times, she would call for help of her siblings to make the battles more entertaining, though that would sometimes get her in trouble with Pallas and Zeus.
:iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 3 0
This is not the meme you're looking for- by XtremeGamer719 This is not the meme you're looking for- :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 12 Don't ask why again  by XtremeGamer719 Don't ask why again :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 2 43 Trash post by XtremeGamer719 Trash post :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 47 TELL MEH by XtremeGamer719 TELL MEH :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 12 Hhhhhhh by XtremeGamer719 Hhhhhhh :iconxtremegamer719:XtremeGamer719 0 30


InvdrScar Gif (Happy Birthday 2017) by ToxicSoul77 InvdrScar Gif (Happy Birthday 2017) :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 132 6 Midnas Envy  4 by Vale-city
Mature content
Midnas Envy 4 :iconvale-city:Vale-city 899 39
EWCOMIC No. 221 - Futile by eddsworld EWCOMIC No. 221 - Futile :iconeddsworld:eddsworld 1,195 91 Kenny by Diives Kenny :icondiives:Diives 1,512 67 My Son Tured Pastel Goth by dragoncat-senpai My Son Tured Pastel Goth :icondragoncat-senpai:dragoncat-senpai 216 30 Lusamine as Tsareena by Diives Lusamine as Tsareena :icondiives:Diives 516 45
Artists: STOP and READ!
People need to stop completing projects for clients under market prices (i.e., minimum wage). This drags the entire art market down and damages your future as an artist, damages other artists' livelihoods, and negatively affects the art industry as a whole (e.g., client perspective of the value of an artist's time/skill).
Artists need to be professional, and they need to treat their work as something that consumes resources (time, equipment/supply cost, etc.). I am surprised by how many people believe an artist will do work for free, or for the "idea" of success...that someone can bait an artist and their hard-earned and practiced skills by saying "you will be paid when I get paid...if the project is successful." There are also people out there who think an artist's work is theirs to use any way they want once they receive the commissioned art, without ever discussing it with the artist - or worse - without the artist taking the client aside and explaining copyright and licensin
:iconcooley:cooley 167 41
Art + Anatomy book Recommendations
Edit: updating this for new followers who might want to see this :D
15 books I recommend for anatomy, art fundamental study and art inspiration. Please note that these are simply my personal recommendations and books that's helped me a lot in the past. 
I've taken photos for these books, so Here's a less image-heavy list (on tumblr)
This took so much longer than I first anticipated so I really hope people find this helpful cause, seriously, spending 3 days on this does not feel like it was worth it ^^;
edit: I'm putting the tl;dr list here first as a preview of the books I'm recommending. 

TL;DR List of books
Anatomy Books
An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists :star:
The Art of Animal Drawing :star:
:iconqinni:Qinni 2,350 189
Five Tips to Starting Freelancing
So, you're tired of being unemployed.  You've been stuck at home for the umpteenth month in a row, a new season of The Legend of Korra is still a year off, and your government support checks (should you be lucky to still be getting them) won't even come close to affording you a bus ticket to Everfree Northwest.  Your evaluation of life is the same dissertation of tedium and monotony as Helen Keller's review of Chinese Democracy.
You know, pretty much on par with every other review of Chinese Democracy.
But know what?  If you can't find a job, you'll make a job!  Screw finding work, and screw the employers who keep dismissing your applications for being "over qualified" like that Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design is as detrimental to your character as being a registered felon.  Screw them and that stupid help wanted sign at Quiznos.  Now you're freelancing, baby.
While I'm assuming you're alread
:iconvest:vest 647 184
Sweater? by ToxicSoul77 Sweater? :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 491 28 Kiki and Rynn 2017 by ToxicSoul77 Kiki and Rynn 2017 :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 152 5 Original Hair Color  by ToxicSoul77 Original Hair Color :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 270 25 Knives the Pachirisu by ToxicSoul77 Knives the Pachirisu :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 158 12 Lil Miss Cute Face by ToxicSoul77 Lil Miss Cute Face :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 306 6 Another Kill La Kill Reference by ToxicSoul77 Another Kill La Kill Reference :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 195 9 Cocky Warden by ToxicSoul77 Cocky Warden :icontoxicsoul77:ToxicSoul77 200 12



Man I haven't been on here for a while, I gotta do something with this account.
Ok I know that people haven't seen some SU episodes or the new ones but holy shit the new ones got INCREDIBLY DARK
Steven Universe: Airs Off-Colors

A few weeks later:

Filename by XtremeGamer719
Someone help me find my shotgun, this made me want to blow my head off

Filename by XtremeGamer719
Jesus christ on a motorcycle this profile has dust gathering

Fuck I need to do shit

Me: Alright I have successfully organized the fandoms I like.

Me: Time to check Tumblr

Tumblr: *posts on Villainous art*

Me: Oooooh this looks interesting

Me: *looks up shorts*

Me: *immediately gets toppled by fandoms*

Bottom line is now I'm trashy for Villainous
*staring at this*

I....I, uh.....I honestly don't know what to say

Filename by XtremeGamer719
Who heard about this new CN cartoon thing called Villainous?

Spoiler alert: I love it
You cannot lie that Homestuck has some parts that are fantastic writing, this:

Filename by XtremeGamer719
The best part of having an great artist as a Biology teacher

Filename by XtremeGamer719
I'm just sharing this cause it literally almost made me cry.

Like I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I read it, holy shit that has never happened before

Filename by XtremeGamer719
I was thinking of sharing it with friends but then I remembered

My friends are tired of my shit :^)

Filename by XtremeGamer719

This is a cool Youtube radio to listen to if you need help concentrating on something
Oh how great, I got kicked out of a Discord server simply speaking my mind.

Fuck my decision on having friends I guess??
I imagine that'd actually happened to Murdoc

Filename by XtremeGamer719
Geez I gotta upload stuff on here, summer's getting close so that'll be a great a time as any to get the creative juices flowing again; been drawing some new stuff to help prepare for like an art degree in college so...there's that, also gotta work on expanding my artistic views, possibly gonna get into animation and the such.

We'll just wait and see.
Geez I gotta upload stuff on here, summer's getting close so that'll be a great a time as any to get the creative juices flowing again; been drawing some new stuff to help prepare for like an art degree in college so...there's that, also gotta work on expanding my artistic views, possibly gonna get into animation and the such.

We'll just wait and see.


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